More Reservoir

31 12 2012

Asian Golden Weaver – female

In my rather naive way I thought it would be as easy as set up, wait and shoot and thus I would get a decent shot of Black-browed Reed Warbler.  Well I got set up and waited but the Black-browed Reed Warbler didn’t oblige. A weaver did! Thanks to Dave Sargeant and Birdforum members for confirming the ID.

I also enjoyed good views of a Darter and a Cinnamon Bittern but neither the Black-browed Reed Warbler or its more common partner the Oriental Reed Warbler obliged. At about 1720, after two hours in the hide, I broke cover and decided to head to the Savanna Nightjar site in daylight to see if Rain Quail were present. Guess what happened next? I started packing up and in came a pair of Black-browed Warblers! They didn’t really pose for me but had I been in the hide I might have managed the type of shot I had been hoping for. Whatever I got a couple of shots. I also managed to pick up an Oriental Reed Warbler as it played on nearby reeds. I made it to the Savanna Nightjar site in daylight but couldn’t see any Rain Quail. As darkness fell, the Savanna Nightjars piped up, at least 6, and in the midst of this I picked out a Rain Quail calling, and then another one.

Oriental Reed Warbler

Oriental Reed Warbler

Black-browed Reed-warblerSkulking

Black-browed Reed-warbler




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